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Welcome to my dedicated page for 50 Mhz
    Why having an interest to 50 Mhz
              (The Six meter band)
  What to do to "watch" the magic band?
Best visualization and compatibility , with the resolution of 1280 wide  or more
My performances standing after 14 years on 6M ?
It is Michel VE2TH from Québec city, QC who , in 2004, told me
how fun and interesting it is to play on this one  and help me
discovered this facinating new band for me. At this time, I had no idea of the multiples propagation conditions this band had to offer. It is unpredictable and can open up at any time. Conditions on this band are very similar to ten meters (28 / 29Mhz) and it is for that reason we call 6 meter , «THE MAGIC BAND»
To watch the magic band, it is highly recommended to have a
dedicated transceiver and horizontally polarized antenna.
110 DXCC 110 confirmed - 996 Grids 967 confirmed since
August 28 2004.
Move your mouse cursor on the ticker to be able to stop them for read them.